Fed up of food waste and the same recipes?

If single-use plastics disturb you and you love healthy food, subscribe to our meal kits.

Meal Box Content

Our meal kits include the exact amount of vegetables, pasta, legumes, rice, fruits, spices and the other necessary ingredients to prepare our recipes. Enjoy cooking a different menu each week, carefully designed and packed by our team in Mallorca using top quality ingredients from small European producers. You will discover the content of your kit once you receive the meal box. All of it plastic-free.

How it works

Personalize your meal kit: Shipping frequency, type of vegan/vegetarian diet, number of recipes, food intolerances and number of people.

Our farmers and small producers supply us in a daily basis so we can offer you the tastiest and freshest ingredients. Everything produced with love.

Birbem's team receive the products in Mallorca, check the quality and prepare your meal box. EU 48 - 96 hour delivery.

Enjoy cooking, dare to hack our recipes, follow us on @birbem_es and share your pictures using #BirbemMeals.

Our values

Sustainable and fair agriculture

Our suppliers are farmer's cooperatives and small producers from Europe. Our ingredients are fairly paid on origin so farmers can have a profitable and sustainable work while they take care of the land.

Ugly food is just as good

Every year millions of tones of fruits and vegetables are discarded due to their aesthetics. That food with sun burns, little marks or different sizes end up on landfills polluting our aquifers, impacting air quality and contributing to climate change when incinerated.

Come back to the 70s

Fruits and vegetables have their own peel that protect them from external agents like rain, sun, insects and some pests. Why adding a manmade plastic wrap? Our ingredients are delivered like 50 years ago: naked, recycled paper wrapped or in glass jars.

Family tradition

You are in good hands here at Birbem, our families have been working in the agricultural sector for 100 years: fruit and vegetable growing, local stores, working at warehouses and working with agricultural cooperative businesses.

Social Commitment

Part of our annual profits are devoted to initiatives such as: plastic collection from natural spaces, food banks, environmental training, reforestations and social integration.

Honesty and closeness

We are a transparent, dynamic and close company. Do not hesitate to make as many questions as you need or bring up any initiative you feel could be interesting. We will love to hear your thoughts via email, telephone, skype or even snail mail ;)